How about if we tie price to quality? Wouldn’t that give farmers more control?

That idea is a close cousin to premiums. And premiums have proven to work with companies like South Dakota Soybean Processors. Component pricing was identified as a commercial development priority by the United Soybean Board’s Value Task Force. However, the idea has challenges to overcome. 1. Everyone isn’t set up to pay for composition at the elevator. 2. Assuming we set the target at 35:19 (an iffy target, as you can see in the next question) here’s what would have happened the last few years, using Illinois as an example: In 2012 protein was low statewide, and most farmers would miss the payoff. The elevator check would be higher in 2013 and 2014. The 2015 paycheck would be lower again because of protein, and farmers would see $9 a bushel instead of $16 at the same time.